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Five Things To Know About The Wimbledon Men’s Final

Adam Addicott- 15/07/2018

All you need to know about Novak Djokovic's clash with Kevin Anderson.

Wimbledon Day 14 Preview: The Gentlemen’s Singles Championship

Adam Addicott- 15/07/2018

On the final day of The Championships, Novak Djokovic goes for his 13th Major title, as Kevin Anderson vies for his first.

Wimbledon Day 14 Preview: The Ladies’ Championship Final

Matthew Marolf- 14/07/2018

Serena Williams goes for Major singles title #24, but a familiar and challenging foe stands in her way.

Wimbledon Day 12 Preview: The Gentlemen’s Semifinals

Matthew Marolf- 13/07/2018

One semifinal features 31 Major singles titles, and the most prolific rivalry of the modern era. The other will be a big-serving affair between two ...

Wimbledon Day 11 Preview: The Ladies’ Semifinals

Matthew Marolf- 12/07/2018

On the heels of a thrilling Day 10, which saw two epic five-set gentlemen’s quarterfinals, what could the final four days of this continually-stunning fortnight ...

10 Things To Know About Men’s Quarter-Finals Day At Wimbledon

Adam Addicott- 11/07/2018

An array of milestone could be achieved on Wednesday at The All England Club.

Wimbledon Day 9 Preview: The Gentlemen’s Quarter-finals

Matthew Marolf- 11/07/2018

The eight remaining men represent 50 Major singles titles.

Wimbledon Day 8 Preview: The Ladies’ Quarter-finals

Matthew Marolf- 10/07/2018

For the first time in the open era, none of the top 10 seeds advanced to the quarter-finals in a singles draw.

For Girls’ Champion Lea Antonoplis – Memories Remain Strong After Forty-One Years

Mark Winters- 08/07/2018

Lea Antonoplis returned to Wimbledon, with her husband, Ken Inouye and their daughter, Kristina, over four decades after winning the Junior Girls’ championship…

Wimbledon Day 6 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 07/07/2018

Saturday at The Championships, the first week of play will conclude, and we should be left with 16 ladies and 16 gentlemen in singles by ...

Wimbledon Day 5 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 06/07/2018

They say upsets can be contagious, and that bug has spread across the grounds of The All England Club.

Wimbledon Day 4 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 05/07/2018

Wednesday at The Championships, we lost the fifth of the eight top seeds in the ladies’ singles draw.

Wimbledon Day 3 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 04/07/2018

During the first two days at The Championships, it was raining top seeds, as many top players suffered opening round upsets.

Wimbledon Day 2 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 03/07/2018

Day 2 at The Championships will see the defending women’s champion start play on Centre Court, followed by the reigning French Open men’s and women’s ...

Wimbledon Day 1 Preview: Five Must-See Matches

Matthew Marolf- 02/07/2018

Today is one of the most special days of the tennis year: Day 1 at The Championships. The grass of The All England Club is ...

The WTA Q2 Report Card Of 2018

Matthew Marolf- 01/07/2018

How did your favourite player on the women's Tour fair during the second quarter of 2018?

Grand Slam Stories: 1977 Wimbledon, The Unstoppable John McEnroe!

Raffaello Esposito- 01/07/2018

Ubitennis presents a new segment that will be part of our journey to each Grand Slam event. We will share tales and stories about the ...

The ATP Q2 Report Card

Matthew Marolf- 30/06/2018

A review of how the biggest names on the men’s tour have faired on the tour within recent months.