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Rafael Nadal Looks Back On Wimbledon Journey

The Spaniard has spoken out at the grass-court grand slam.



Rafael Nadal (zimbio.com)

World No.1 Rafael Nadal has said that his match against Novak Djokovic shouldn’t have been played under the roof on Saturday.


Nadal resumed his match against the Serbian at 13:00 GMT this afternoon after their clash last night was postponed due to the Wimbledon curfew. The tournament is only allowed to run matches until 11pm in agreement with the local council. Upon resumption the clash took place on Centre Court under the roof, despite it being a warm and sunny day. Officials argued that it was done so to maintain consistency in the conditions with Friday.

No.” A frustrated Nadal responded when asked if it made sense to close the roof.
“I will not talk more about this. If not, you (the media) are going to write about this.”

The 11-time French Open champion elaborated further about the topic when he was speaking with Spanish media.

“It doesn’t sound right, I believe that if the tournament is an outdoor tournament, and more unfortunately the match before lasted longer. We start without the roof, we stop when there is no light and we continue the following day, because the tournament is like this”. He commented about the decision to cover the court on Friday.
“In that moment I understood the rationale, but I did not understand that we would play indoor today unless we both agreed to play outdoor, and evidently, we did not agree”

Nadal’s agent, Benito Barbadillo, told reporters that there was ‘no rules’ that stipulated that the match much have been played indoors.

It was difficult for me to adapt to the indoor court, I didn’t see too well. I couldn’t read how the ball was coming. During the night there is some kind of semi-darkness, but during the day the visibility is better. The court is a good court, but you don’t see too well when the roof is closed.” Nadal said.

It was claimed that the only way the match could have been played in the open was if both agreed to it. It was reported that Djokovic, who won the final set 10-8, objected to the motion. Although that speculation was dismissed by the Serbian.

“The tournament organizers and referees said that the roof has to be closed because we started the match with the roof closed.” Said Djokovic.

The two players were placed in the predicament due to the length of the preceding semi-final. Kevin Anderson required six hours and 36 minutes to defeat John Isner. Raising calls for tiebreakers to be implemented in the fifth set of matches.

“‘It’s true that the schedule was a little bit tight knowing that the first match between two big servers, of course you can’t predict that they play that long.” He said.
“But yeah, knowing that, maybe will be better if they play us first at 1pm, that’s all. The rest of the things you can’t complain anything that happened.”

Despite his frustrations and disappointment, the Spaniard can still seek solace in his week at The All England Club. It is the first year he has reached the semi-finals of the tournament since 2011. Furthermore, only three plays have managed to beat him on the tour so far this year. Marin Cilic (via retirement), Dominic Thiem and now Djokovic.

“I Played great. Reaching the semifinals, after a while without being there. I won some great matches, especially in that quarter-finals against del Potro. Today was another great match.” He concluded about his Wimbledon run.
“I feel that I have lost an opportunity to try to win another very important title for my career. But that’s it.”
“I think I have done great work. Is difficult to come back after injuries for a long time and have these kind of results, so I am proud of myself.”

According to his schedule, Nadal will return to action next month at the Canadian Masters in Toronto.

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Angelo Binaghi: “Rome Masters could take place in September or October”



Italian Tennis Federation President Angelo Binaghi confirmed in a conference call with the Italian News Agency that there is a plan to reschedule the Rome Internazionali d’Italia later this year after the tournament was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


“There is a good chance that the Rome Masters will be held in 2020. We are in touch with the ATP. Tennis is lucky, because it is not a contact sport and is played outdoors. This means that it will be possible to reschedule Masters 1000 tournaments, once the problemi s solved. Our goal is to hold the Rome Masters between September and October, before or after the French Open. Of course we would love to play in Rome, but are willing to organise the tournament elsewhere at any venue or any surface. All clay tournaments should be rescheduled in the same period. We are open to hold the Rome tournament indoors. It would not be the first time that the Rome tournament is moved to another venue. Nicola Pietrangeli won the Internazionali d’Italia in Turin in 1961, but our priority would be September/October. This period may be better than May, when the tournament is normally held”

Binaghi commented on the cancellation of Wimbledon.

 “It was an inevitable decision. The coronavirus will peak in Great Britain two weeks after Italy. It is possible to hold a grass tournament in June and July”.  

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Matteo Berrettini: “I am not optimistic that the tennis season will resume this summer”



Last year’s US Open semifinalist Matteo Berrettini and his Australian girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic talked to 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert on Instragram live. Tomljanovic was 13 years old, when she moved to Florida to train at Chris Evert’s Academy in Boca Raton.


“We are happy to spend time together. We often play in the same tournaments, but tennis is the priority.

Berrettini said that he idolized Roger Federer, whe he grew up, but he also respects Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who share the last 13 Grand Slam titles together.

“Roger is tennis. He can do whatever he wants. It’s easy. He is my idol. I can talk about him for two years. He makes it look like he born like that. Novak is a machine. For me, he is the worst to play. I remember playing playing in London at the tour finals, had nearly 70% of my first serves in the second set and still lost the set 6-1. I could not hold my serve. He has an amazing return. His backhand is really good. Nadal’s intensity is unbelievable. It does not matter if the score is 5-0 and 0-5”, said Berrettini.

Berrettini also talked about the current suspension of the tennis season due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am not optimistic that the tennis season will resume this summer. Europe and the United States are getting through a difficult period. I fear that the current season will be cancelled. I am in good shape and I am training every day”.

Berrettini looked back to the 2019 season and admitted that he was surprised about reaching a top-10 spot in the ATP Ranking.

“I was surprised how quickly I improved my ranking. I changed my training after losing in the first round in Monte-Carlo. Fabio Fognini’s title gave me extra motivation to improve my tennis. I won two titles in Budapest and Stuttgart and reached the final in Munich. I did not expect to reach the semifinal at the US Open and achieve good results on grass, apart from the match against Roger Federer. That day I was too emotional. I thank  him for giving me a lesson”.

Berrettini talked about the relationship to his coach Vincenzo Santopadre.

“I met Vincenzo for the first time when I was 14 and I spend more time with him than my family. I started training with him for fun. He did not put pressure on me until I was 20 years old. He knew that tennis is a marathon, but not a sprint. He helped me to improve my physical training.”

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Paolo Bertolucci: “I really believe that Federer will continue in 2021”



Former Davis Cup champion and 1977 Hamburg winner Paolo Bertolucci talked in an interview to the Italian OA Sport website about the tennis calendar changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting the world of sport.


Bertolucci said that the decision to cancel Wimbledon and the entire grass season was inevitable.

“I agree with the decision of the ATP to cancel all the tournaments until the grass season. I think that it may be unlikely for the season to resume in 2020. In my opinion tennis has taken the right decision. It was the sport to stop everything, first by blowing the European clay season and then cancelling the grass season too. I believe it would take a miracle if the tennis season will resume with the US hard-court tournaments. It is much more likely that tournaments will be cancelled until at least September. I absolutely do not hope so, but, if the epidemic continues in this way and they cannot find an effective solution in a short term, I think it is difficult to start over. It is true that tennis is not a contact sport, but it about players, who move from one continent to another every week. Travel is the real problem, not so much the game itself. You could opt for closed doors or for a distancing of spectators, but I find that hard. Starting the hard-court season seems an extremely optimistic idea. Doing it in Asia in October is something more realistic, but in the end i would not be surprised if the whole season was cancelled”, said Bertolucci.

Roger Federer was aiming at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but both events will not be held this year. Bertolucci thinks that Federer will continue his career in 2021.

“I really believe that Federer will continue in 2021. At what levels it is difficult to say. At his age, every age counts. While skipping does not make a difference for young people, when you start to cross the 30-32 threshold every year, it gets more and more complicated, even more if get close to 40. This is mainly true for him, a little less for Nadal, even less for Djokovic. It is true that they are great champions and will be able to better manage all these months of inactivity, but inevitably they will pay. On the other hand, young people who would have needed to play many games to accumulate experience will not be able to do it, but I still believe that the gap will decrease”.

 Tsitsipas and Thiem have the potential to take over the top three in the future.

“Thiem has more experience and has been playing at such a high level for five years. Tsitsipas has a good story and comes from a country without a tennis tradition. The Greek player has the potential to win titles on all surfaces. I also like Shapovalov, but he has a risky playing style. Auger Aliassime is a good prospect. Italian fans can have hopes for Berrettini and Sinner. All depends on injuries, because many players will not be able to be consistent at these levels, although they are talented.”

Bertolucci thinks that 2019 Next Gen ATP champion Jannik Sinner will continue his rise in the future after his breakthrough season last year.

“He would have needed to play a lot in 2020, but he is so young that he can even afford to lose a year. He will watch many matches and study tactically. I know he watches one match after another. I have never seen an Italian player reach this level at the age of 18. He must certainly work on every aspect, but he has enormous margins for improvement. He must physically improve, raise the percentage of first serves and the percentage of returns, he must learn to learn new offensive solutions and to know areas of the court that he has not frequented so far. In my opinion he is more suitable for hard court, but he can also play well on clay and on grass, but these are things that he will discover only later in a few years”.

Bertolucci thinks that Matteo Berrettini has the potential to confirm the excellent results that propelled him to his career high of world number 8.

 “Matteo had not so many points to defend in the first half of 2020. The priority for him was to solve his physical problem. For this reason the injury was not a big problem, as he would have had to defend the points that he won in 2019. He worked very hard. I don’t know if he will be able to repeat the results he achieved last year, but he has not reached the top eight by chance”.


According to Bertolucci, Italy has a good chance to win the Davis Cup with a full team.


“Italy would have a good chance to win this event with the best times. There are not so many teams, which can boast two players, who are close to the top 10 and a good doubles team formed by Fognini and Bolelli. It is necessary that the two singles players are in good shape. Unfortunately that was not the case last year. Italy can win the Davis Cup, if Fognini and Sinner are in form”.

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