ATP Finals: What The Newspapers Are Saying

ATP Finals: What The Newspapers Are Saying

Monday at the ATP Finals saw Rafael Nadal lose to David Goffin for the first time in his career and then withdraw from the tournament due to a knee injury. It is the sixth time that the world No.1 has been forced out of the event due to injury. Meanwhile, Goffin is relishing in the achievement of become the first Belgian to defeat a world No.1 player on the ATP Tour.

In the wake of yesterdays events, which also featured Grigor Dimitrov defeating Dominic Thiem, today’s newspapers are focusing on one match. Mike Dickson from the Daily Mail commented about Nadal’s withdrawal, writing that it was a ‘continuing pattern that often sees him go into relative decline after the US Open.’ A sentiment echoed by other British newspapers. The Daily Mirror wrote that it was a ‘sad way to end a brilliant season.’  

Outside of the UK, newspapers have switched their attention to other topics concerning the ATP Finals. L’Equipe focuses on Goffin’s win and the potential impact it may have on the Davis Cup final. Belgium will take on Face later this year. Meanwhile, El Pais conducted an interview with Alexander Zverev’s  coach Juan Carlos Ferrero. Who describes the German as somebody that is ‘a prototype of the present and the future.’ 


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