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The Murray Mafia

Joshua Mason



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The Murray Family may sound like an adorable folk band or murderous Californian cult, but it is not. Instead Andy, Judy and Jamie, who came out of a small town, have taken over British Tennis and are now setting their sights high, infiltrating all areas of the game. Andy Murray could make it another major in Australia this month as one of the favourites and with a child on the way, the family is only getting bigger. Much like the Cosa Nostra in their quest for expansion of the New World, the Murray’s are taking over Tennis, and it seems they are profiting hugely from their ‘raqueteering’.


Don’t Hate the Players

On the playing side, the Murray’s have two world beating foot-soldiers. Andy was always going to be the star child once he left for Barcelona as a teenager. He grew up there playing Djokovic and Nadal, which gave him the schooling he needed to get to where he is today. And today is certainly looking good – two Olympic medals, one US Open, a Davis Cup and  the Wimbledon win. It has not been an easy ride however, there have been plenty of losing battles too. Being a runner-up of 5 majors, Andy has experienced plenty of trials, but it is always about how you react. Murray has become a record breaker in British Tennis and given hope to a nation who have lived in the shadow of almost-man Tim Henman for too long.

Jamie is often the forgotten brother, (Jelena Jankovic didn’t even know who he was when she met him in Miami. He asked her to partner him at Wimbledon 2008) but has forged a road all on his own in Doubles, and like his brother, has seen unprecedented success for British Tennis. Jamie won the 2008 mixed doubles at Wimbledon and has also been the first brit in decades to reach a US Open doubles final too. He has always been at the side of his family, and at the 2015 Davis Cup he played an important role, winning the Doubles matches alongside Andy. Jamie Murray has achieved 13 ATP tour titles and will no doubt be at the forefront of the doubles game even after his playing career is over.


Mamma Mia

Like all good Mafia families there is a strong matriarchal character – enter Judy Murray. Born to a professional football player Roy Erskine, who played for Stirling and Cowdenbeath in the 50’s, Judy was always destined for a sporting life. Unfortunately for her it wasn’t going to be her. Despite a short stint as a pro in 1976 and playing against the likes of Debbie Jevans and Mariana Simionescu, she failed to make the grade. She could not stay away from the court long though and has lived her passion through her sons. She was their coach before finding success, and has continued her coaching to this today. She is currently helping Heather Watson as her interim coach and captains Great Britain’s Fed Cup team.

She seems to be the business brain of the Murray’s too, with an extravagant plan for a development near her hometown of Dunblane. The development which would include a Tennis Academy, Museum, Hotel and Visitor Centre would be a true legacy of the Murray’s achievements. Crucially though it was being built on greenbelt land, and the council have shown little enthusiasm for it, rejecting the initial bid. The plans also hid the fact there would be a golf course and 19 luxury homes in the development, which drew 1,000 complaints from residents. This has not stopped the Murray’s pushing for a change in the decision with a likely appeal pending. Like any self-respecting Mafia they brought in their celebrity pals to help, no not Frank Sinatra, but Sir Alex Ferguson and Colin Montgomerie who have put their backing to the idea. They will be hoping to give the council an offer they can’t refuse.


Keeping It In La Famiglia

Family is always number one in Mafia and the Murray’s are no different. Andy not satisfied with the amount of tennis in his life married into it this year. Kim Sears may seem like an another beautiful WAG, but her and Andy actually met through her father Nigel Sears – a British Tennis coach. He has worked with the likes of Amanda Coetzer, Daniela Hantuchová and Ana Ivanovic in his career, and his daughter Kim Sears married Murray in april last year in Dunblane.

Andy has claimed that he will fly home from the Australian Open if his wife goes into labour, as he understandably wants to be there for the birth. With the Murrays excelling in every side of singles, double, coaching and business, it is scary to think about the potential of any new member to the family. One thing is for sure, they have had an incredible impact on British Tennis and dragged the fans with them, creating a whole new level of optimism in Britain. It seems the next step will be creating a legacy, and with more Murray’s on the way, not even their rival Tennis family the Williams’ can compete at the moment.

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Injured Roger Federer Says The ‘Worst Is Behind Him’ As He Targets Comeback In 2022

The 40-year-old has provided an update on his current health during a sponsorship event in Zurich.




Roger Federer (SUI) - Credit: AELTC/Jed Leicester

Roger Federer says he is getting better every day with his focus being on returning to the Tour in the new year at the age of 40.


The 20-time Grand Slam champion hasn’t played a match since suffering a quarterfinal loss to Hubert Hurkacz at Wimbledon. A few weeks after that match, the Swiss Maestro underwent another procedure on his knee following advice from his medical team. Federer also underwent two surgeries last year with the second one being conducted after the first failed to produce the desired results.

In a social media post, the former world No.1 admitted that he faces a lengthy absence from the Tour due to his latest surgery and the subsequent recovery time which will be required. However, it appears that everything is heading in the right direction with Federer maintaining a positive outlook on the future.

“I’m doing very well, the rehab is progressing step by step,” he told reporters in Zurich at a sponsorship meeting with Mercedes-Benz. “The worst is behind me, I’m looking forward to everything that comes my way.”

Due to his knee, Federer could only play five tournaments this year before being sidelined by injury again. Overall he achieved a total of nine wins against five losses. Besides Wimbledon, he also reached the fourth round of the French Open before withdrawing from the tournament and the quarter-finals in Doha.

“When you come back after an injury, every day is a better day. So it’s an exciting time, I went through it last year, so it’s not a mental problem at all,” he explains.

This week players are heading to Boston for the Laver Cup which is a team competition co-founded by Federer’s Team8 management company. The three-day event sees players from Europe take on others from the rest of the world in a concept similar to that of Golf’s Ryder Cup. In 2019 the event was granted ATP Tour status to make it part of their calendar. However, ranking points are not on offer for those participating.

Sidelined from the Laver Cup this year, Federer is targeting a place in the event next year where it will be held at the O2 Arena in London. The same venue which hosted the ATP Finals for more than a decade before it moved to Italy.

It is one of my goals that I really get into it again to come back and hopefully be able to play in places like the o2 arena in London.” Federer stated.

In the meantime, Federer says he wants to return to “fitness training and the tennis court” as soon as possible. However, it is still not fully clear as to when he will be able to do so.

During his career, Federer has won 103 ATP titles and has earned more than $130M in prize money.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas To Get COVID-19 Shot After Saying He Would Only Do So If It Was Mandatory

The Greek said earlier this year that he ‘sees no reason’ why his age group should be vaccinated but has now changed his mind.




World No.3 Stefanos Tsitsipas appears to have changed his views concerning the COVID-19 vaccination after telling Greek TV that he will have his first shot later this year.


In August the French Open finalist told reporters that he would only have the vaccine if it was mandatory for players to do so on the Tour. Speaking to reporters at the Cincinnati Masters, Tsitsipas said he saw ‘no reason’ why people in his age group should be vaccinated and voiced some concerns over the possible side effects. He also said that young people catching and passing the virus between each other is a ‘good thing’ as it builds up their immunity.

No-one has made it a mandatory thing to be vaccinated. At some point I will have to, I’m pretty sure about it, but so far it hasn’t been mandatory to compete, so I haven’t done it, no,” he said.
“I’m young, under 25 category, for me the vaccine has not been tested enough, it is new. It has some side effects.
“I personally know some people who have had them. I’m not against it, I just see no reason for someone in my age group to need to be vaccinated.”

Tsitsipas’ remarks prompted backlash back in his home country with a series of top figures criticising him, including a spokesman for the Greek government who said the tennis star lacked the knowledge to make such a statement.

Questioned about his COVID-19 stance by Antenna TV on Monday, the 23-year-old stated that he has never been against anybody who had the vaccination before adding that his knowledge on the subject is not the best.

“I personally have never promoted vaccination and to clarify something I have never been against vaccination. I support anyone who wants to go for vaccination. I am not a doctor, I am a tennis player and my opinion may not be the best. “It has to do with medicine. If they ask me about tennis, I’m better at it.” He said.

Tsitsipas added that him being vaccinated later this year will ‘definitely happen’ because he sees ‘no other possibility’ in order to have a relatively normal social life.

It (the COVID-19 pandemic) has bothered everyone, not just me. We have to look at it with a good eye, to be together in it,” Tsitsipas concluded.

Elsewhere in his interview with Antenna TV, Tsitsipas once again denied allegations that he deliberately takes long breaks during matches in order to upset the momentum of his rivals. During the US Open he was criticised by Andy Murray for taking a lengthy toilet break during their clash in the first round. Alexander Zverev and other players have also spoken about the Greek on this topic. It is understood that the ATP plans to implement a time limit concerning how long a player is allowed to leave the court.

Finally, Tsitsipas says he hopes to be on the Tour for a long time and ‘wishes’ he can follow in the footsteps of Roger Federer who is still playing at the age of 40.


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WTA Luxembourg Open Axed Over Disagreements Between Tour And Organisers

One of Europe’s most well known indoor women’s events has come to an end with the tournament director criticising the management of the WTA.




Image via Tennis Frontier

Just minutes after Clara Tauson defeated Jelena Ostapenko 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, to win the Luxembourg Open, organisers put out a social media post confirming the WTA 250 event will be scrapped.


In an unexpected move the tournament director has accused the WTA of making organisers of her event feel ‘uncomfortable’ with their rules that has prevented them from running the event how they would have liked to. Danielle Maas has revealled to newspaper Tageblatt that their decision to permanently end the tournament was made before the start of this year’s draw. Ending what has been a 25-year stint as a WTA event which has been won by players such as Kim Clijsters, Victoria Azarenka, Venus Williams and Caroline Woniacki.

We will no longer organize a WTA tournament. That’s a big change. But we no longer feel comfortable working with the WTA. The quality of the tournament as we imagine it, the family aspect and everything around it is no longer given. That’s why we made the decision to quit WTA after 25 years. We are happy to close this chapter, which gave us no more joy,” said Maas.

According to Maas, the breakdown in their partnership with the WTA is linked to rules which limits their goal of being a tournament which stands for ‘family values, closeness to the players and a good atmosphere.’ It is claimed that a Gala last Sunday, marking the 25th anniversary of the tournament, wasn’t attended by any representative from the governing body of women’s tennis and players were banned from going. It is unclear as to why the players weren’t allowed to attend.

It took a lot of nerve to organize this week the way the WTA wanted. Working together was very difficult. The rules of the WTA and their approach have changed a lot since 2019,” Maas commented.
“This (the Gala) shows that there was no longer any great enthusiasm from her side (the WTA) to continue working with us.”
“The WTA chapter now closes. For us, however, it does not close with one laughing and one crying eye, but only with one laughing eye. We’ll close this door, but we’ll open a new one next year.”

Organizers are now planning to stage an exhibition-style event next year which will likely take place in October. Details about how this will work with the WTA Tour also taking place at the same time are unclear. However, it has been confirmed that a partner of the Luxemberg Open, global marketing and entertainment company OCTAGON INC, has agreed to continue their collaboration for another two years.

In the final of this year’s Luxembourg Open, Tauson became the seventh player this season to win multiple titles on the women’s Tour after also previously triumphing in Chicago. She is one of four players born in 2002 that are currently ranked in the world’s top 100. As a result of her latest win, she is set to rise to a ranking high of 52nd on Monday.

There has been no public comment from the WTA in response to Maas’ comments.

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