Darko Grncarov Responds As Tennis World Finds Out The Player That Never Was

Darko Grncarov

Macedonian ‘Tennis Player’ Darko Grncarov has responded to an article which shows that Tennis was never his ambition and has created a twitter following based on his political views. 

Earlier this morning, New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg released a piece on ‘Slate’ claiming that Darko Grncarov had fooled the entire world including Serena Williams and the BBC. It told the story of how one player used his views on gay rights and political views to create a fan base of followers, which would support his career to the top of the Men’s game.

He would talk to global journalists from the BBC and many other media outlets about how he wouldn’t play on Margaret Court Arena when he played there one day and publicised his views on gay rights and many other topics. The Macedonian would also talk about his recovery from a coma and how his return would be so successful and he even discussed the many wildcards he was hoping to receive this year including Roland Garros.

However this ‘Tennis Player’ has only had one competitive match before where he didn’t even win a single game to a player that had only won one match in the last seven years. He had also supposedly played a futures event in Egypt where he told the Macedonian press of his triumphs, when in actual fact he withdrew from the tournament and one of his opponents didn’t even play the event.

Despite the likes of Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova wishing him the best of luck for his tennis career based on his ethical views, he would suspend his return to the court. This was due to the death of his mother even though his supposed mother, ‘Mirjana Grncarova’ had continued posting on Facebook.

Other suspicions that things were not right with Darko is that every time he would post videos of practicing, they would be from angles, which were impossible to see the face of and the ‘Macedonian’ would carry the racket in a different hand each time.

When questioned about this by Ben Rothenberg, Darko immediately hung up the phone and was inactive on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a while and we thought that this would be end to the tennis player that never was.

Darko Responds

However ironically the Macedonian has responded as he claims that his Twitter account was suspended and has today responded to the Journalist and claims that this is an allegation made:

Darko Grncarov’s tweet which has since been deleted. (Via @DarkoGrncarov)

It is clear the Macedonian isn’t happy with the article, however he doesn’t really have any evidence to suggest that these claims are wrong. Things looked suspicious when he had no junior ranking and that his favourite surface is ‘Carpet’, which rarely gets played on.

Whatever the circumstances, it will be hard for Darko to continue his ‘ambition’ in tennis as most of the tennis world thinks he has been lying all along. The more valuable lesson here is don’t believe everything you see on social media even if that person has good ethical morals and speaks the right things in the media. However the Macedonian now has a lot to answer for…

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