Rafael Nadal Responds To Davis Cup Reforms

Rafael Nadal (Zimbio)

Rafael Nadal (Zimbio)

Rafael Nadal opposes the newest Davis Cup reforms as he believes best out of three sets will not solve any problems concerning the tournament.

The 30 year old Spaniard spoke about the changes in a recent interview just days after the ITF endorsed a package about Davis Cup reforms, one of them included shortening the rubbers to best out of three sets.  “In my opinion it is not about best-of-three or best-of-five. In my opinion, it’s about we cannot have a Davis Cup champion every year. That devalues the competition. If the top players are not playing very often, then you are making something not good.”

He would continue explaining his point, “Davis Cup is a beautiful competition, a very emotional competition. To maintain that level of emotion, that level of quality of tennis, you need to do the things for the best players. And the best players need to feel comfortable playing every time that Davis Cup is going. I don’t mean one year Davis Cup, one year no Davis Cup. I mean, for example, two ties per year. That will be something reasonable and players will be very motivated to play Davis Cup.” 

Nadal has a very valid point in that shortening the duration of the matches is not the answer and it is no secret that the 14 time grand slam champion is a big fan of best out of five sets. Just go and watch the Australian Open from this year to find out why.

However making it two ties per year would make it confusing for all involved with the competition. Does he want an eight team world group format? Who knows however if Davis Cup was to turn to three sets Nadal wouldn’t be the happiest person in the world about the changes.

Rafael Nadal was speaking ahead of the tournament in Indian Wells, where he begins his campaign against Guido Pella on Sunday.

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