Sloane Stephens: “I guess it's all just a learning experience. Rather this than anything else”

Sloane Stephens: “I guess it's all just a learning experience. Rather this than anything else”

TENNIS 2014 ROLAND GARROS 2014 – 31st of May 2014. S. Stephens d. E. Makarova 6-3, 6-4. An interview with Sloane Stephens

Q. Six straight times second week of a slam. Most of anybody on the women’s tour, active streak. Not bad. You must be pretty happy to keep it going?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, it’s pretty cool, I think. I think it’s really cool.


Q. Why do you think this keeps happening for you? It’s a good thing, obviously.

SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, it’s a great thing. If I knew, I would capitalize on it. I would do it every week. I would, you know, make the most of it.

But I guess it’s all just a learning experience. Rather this than anything else, so it’s okay for now.


Q. Throw us a bone. There is a little bit of disparity between your play in the slams and some of the regular tour. So anything, something. What’s going on (laughter)?

SLOANE STEPHENS: (Smiling.) I don’t know. Like I said, if I had the answer, I would definitely let you guys in on something.


Q. You have a lot of experience playing late in Grand Slams. Simona, you are playing next, does not. How do you think that experience is going to help you in the next match?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Getting deep into a Grand Slam obviously the competition is obviously going to get tougher. Whoever you’re playing against is going to be a tough match and you have to go out and compete.

For her I think she’s played really, really well like in the smaller tournaments like I haven’t done, and she has a lot of experience with that. I have a lot of experience here.

I think we’re just going to go out there and compete and just see what happens. I know she’s going to give her best, and so am I. That’s all we can ask for.


Q. Do you feel like some of the things you have been working on with Paul are starting to click in at this tournament, or can you talk about, you know, what you have been working on? Do you feel like those things are starting to be incorporated in your game more easily?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I mean, definitely what I work on with Paul is, it’s developing, it’s a learning process, but it’s been good. I just    we’re just one step at a time.


Q. You’re one of the players, maybe the highest ranked player that hasn’t won a title. Would it be nice to start   

SLOANE STEPHENS: Tell me about it.


Q. Would it be nice to start here?

SLOANE STEPHENS: It would be nice to start here. Maybe I will win my first title in five years and you guys would be, Why did it take her so long? Then I will have to think of something else to say. I don’t know.


Q. How many of those head bands do you have? How many colors? Is it like a mood ring?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Honestly? The amount of head bands I have, I’d probably say I have about    I’d say I have about 250 head bands. Yeah.


Q. Greatly color coordinated, but do you feel it in the morning?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Do I feel it in the morning?


Q. About what to wear and   

SLOANE STEPHENS: I have so many. I can wear a blue outfit and have blue; I can wear purple and have pink and the logo might be like matching my outfit.  I don’t know. It just depends. It just depends. But I have like a lot a lot.

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